Spending Plan Workbook

Just like you will read in the Introduction of the Workbook put together by Lancaster Theological Seminary, found here, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary is one of over sixty seminaries participating in the Fiscal Literacy Project funded by a Lilly Grant. The goal of this project includes:

  1. Reducing student debt, leading to less "financially-encumbered" graduates who have greater freedom to serve in a variety of settings.
  2. To develop programs, courses, and practices that educate and better prepare future ministers for their roles as leaders and managers of personal, family, and congregational finances.
  3. To engage key partners in rethinking the ways theological education can and should be financed, addressing such large questions as:
    • Whose responsibility is it to pay for theological education?
    • What is the value of theologically educated clergy?
    • Why is this form of education worth the cost?

We would like to offer this Spending Plan Workbook, developed by Lancaster, to assist in developing a spending plan. We would love to know if this workbook has been helpful to you, so if you do use this resource, email us here, and share your experiences.

To go to the Spending Plan Workbook, click here.