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This 104 yr. old non-denominational church was originally of Czeckoslavakian Baptist background, began by Czech immigrants. Today it is still affiliated with and supports the Czech Convention but has few who are of that descent. Some former Czech members from outside the
area still support the church.

The Church is very Mission minded in two ways. A lot of folks have gone out from the church to serve the Lord as missionaries and the church's current budget designates over 50% of it's income to some 23 different Missionaries or Mission works.

The Church has a sanctuary capacity of 70 or so, plus a backroom with an inside restroom. The lower level has a kitchen, dining area, and class rooms.

There is a trailer with a full basement which serves as a Parsonage with a separate one car garage on the church property. Utilities would be paid for by the church. Mileage reimbursement of .30 per mile for business purposes.

The attendance runs 10-15 people on Sunday a.m. with about 10 families represented, mostly later aged folks, 50 yrs and up. They love the Lord and desire to keep the doors open to reach the local township and surrounding area with the gospel.

Income for the Pastor is limited hence the need for a bi-vocational Pastor in order to subsidize his income. Other possibilities which the church is open to includes:

#1. One of your single students/young couples might want to serve as an Interim Pastor for the summer of 2018, June through August in between his 3rd or 4th year of formal education.

#2. Perhaps a recent graduate would consider serving as a summer intern Pastor for 2018. Of course pending a longer service if it seemed to be favorable to both Intern and the church.

#3. Possibly an older student, later called to the Ministry, might feel comfortable in a smaller church, in which he makes himself a bi-vocational part time Minister.

#4. A retired person who is already financially set who can bring his skills in preaching the Word.

If you have any suggestions or questions or the potential candidate can please give me a call at 715-427-3696 or send a letter to my address at: David Elleman, 925 UpJohn Rd. Rib Lake, WI 54470. Or e-mail our church Clerk, Becky Willmarth at



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David Elleman
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Contact David Elleman (715-427-3696)