Children's Behavioral Health Supervisor



I.                   MISSION STATEMENT


Helping children and empowering families by providing safety, advocacy and support.


II.                NATURE OF WORK


A Home Based, Outpatient therapist and/or a Case Manager is a trained professional who works with clients under the age of 18 either in an individual, family, or group setting for the purpose of helping them to understand and manage a wide range of developmental and behavioral issues. Therapists and case managers focus on meeting the mental health needs of the children and families by providing in home therapy, outpatient therapy and/or connecting families to other mental health resources that best meets their need.  These issues can include depression, anxiety, child abuse effects, harming oneself, eating disorders, phobias, aggression and other symptoms or difficulties in behavior and feelings. The therapist and/or case manager helps children and families assess their issues by observing their behaviors and assessing what treatments or services will best benefit the child.


The Community Behavioral Health Supervisor is primarily responsible for the day-to-day program operation of supervising social work staff to assure quality services are provided to families and their children and contract obligations are satisfactorily met.  The supervisor will aid the Behavioral Health Coordinator with connecting with referrals and utilization Home Based (HB), Case Management (CM) and Outpatient (OP) services.  Will also provide direct services for these three services.  The supervisor will serve on the Leadership Team for agency’s Family Preservation Services division.  The supervisor will report directly to the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator.





  1. Assist the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator in the hiring of new staff assigned to Community Behavioral Health team (HB, CM, OP).
  2. Coordinate referrals, intakes and screenings for Community Behavioral Health staff.
  3. Aid the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator in the utilization management of clients with the Community Behavioral Health Program.
  4. Employ an ongoing process which evaluates the functioning, needs and effectiveness of assigned staff members on at least a quarterly basis.
  5. Formally evaluate new staff after three months and all staff on an annual basis in conjunction with the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator.
  6. Conduct individual supervision as needed to target clinician competency needs and to remove individual barriers to effective implementation of outpatient treatment.
  7. Assure appropriate documentation of clinical effort to allow for peer and supervisory input, and to meet all reporting and communication needs of funding and referral sources.
  8. Provide supportive and corrective feedback to therapists to promote client outcomes.
  9. Provide administrative support targeting systemic barriers to treatment success.
  10. Assure availability of clinical and administrative support to clinicians beyond normal work hours.
  11. Assure therapist accessibility to clients when needed at times most likely to promote engagement.
  12. Assure that clinicians achieve engagement with all key participants.
  13. Provide direct clinical training to assure clinician competency in all clinical areas relating to the implementation of home based services interventions.
  14. Assure that all assessments are comprehensive, multi-systemic, and provide adequate information to determine the causes and correlates of referral behavior to direct effective treatment with the ecological context.
  15. Provide input to the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator as to each therapist’s present level of functioning so that work assignments are distributed in a fair and equitable manner to all Community Behavioral Health Therapists and Case Managers.
  16. Monitor the functioning of therapists/managers within the Community Behavioral Health program and take responsibility for seeing that those therapists’ records, reports, etc., are submitted on a timely and thorough basis.
  17. Assist in the case record review process of our agency’s continuous quality improvement program.
  18. Report to the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator any potential or existing significant problems with therapists.  The Supervisor and Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator will work in conjunction to resolve these problems.
  19. Help maintain the Network 180 contracts by achieving stated evaluation goals and objectives on an annual basis.  Cooperate fully with the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator in meeting the annual goals and objectives of the Community Behavioral Health Program.
  20. Assure that services provided are in keeping with the agency's high standards, rules and procedures, and the state's licensing guidelines.
  21. Set high standards of conduct which benefit the position and, by example, show leadership qualities in areas of appropriate demeanor, dress, and punctuality.
  22. Review and approve for distribution all reports and correspondence of therapists.
  23. This position will generally require the ability and willingness to work a flexible schedule and more than 40 hours per week (without generally taking compensatory time) in order to achieve the program’s objectives on a timely basis.
  24. Carry out other responsibilities set forth in agency personnel policies and any additional tasks requested by the Community Behavior Health Program Coordinator.






  1. Ability to communicate verbally and effectively to exchange information with coworkers, peers, the community, and others involved in your position.
  2. Ability to maintain a stationary position for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to be physically mobile when working with clients.
  4. Ability to determine and assess job related documents and visually utilize Agency equipment.
  5. Ability to physically handle and perform job related functions, including the operation of Agency equipment.
  6. Ability to physically position oneself to effectively interact with students.
  7. Ability to ascend/descend stairs safely and successfully.
  8. Ability to lift and transport 40lbs.






A. Education requirements are a Master’s degree in social work or a related field.

B. Licensed to practice therapy in the state of Michigan or actively working towards licensure.

C. Must possess a strong knowledge of the common diagnoses and treatments for school-aged children and possess the skills necessary to facilitate positive change in a school culture.

D. The ability to assess and develop the potential of therapists and to lead the staff assigned to their supervision.

E. The ability to withstand and deal constructively with personal and staff frustrations and disappointments.

F. The ability to work positively in carrying out agency policies and practices, as well as internal and external controls.

G. The ability to recommend creative and innovative ideas to the Community and Mental Health Services Program Manager so as to strengthen and expand services to meet the changing human needs of the agency and community.

H. The ability to articulate ideas and prepare written reports and correspondence that are of a high professional standard and are grammatically correct.

I. The ability to positively cooperative with the Community and Mental Health Services Program Manager and others in the administrative and support staff in carrying out department and agency policies, both in respect to services and personnel management.

J. The willingness to accept assignments which may require extra effort and time beyond the normal working day without expecting compensatory time.

K. The ability to use good judgment in all areas relative to treatment and case management planning, supervisory duties, department functions, and agency functions.

L. Basic computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and other software programs.

M. Ability to deal effectively with clients, parents, staff, and other professionals.

N. Ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team.

O. Self-directed and autonomous.

P. Ability to work in a high stress and unpredictable environment.

Q. Valid driver's license, good driving record and adequate insurance with a car available at all times.

R. Ability to work with school, human service, behavioral health and medical health personnel.  Ability to understand and work effectively within the dynamics of various agencies, public schools and others.

S. Ability to work with a variety of people both within and outside the Agency.  Must promote a positive image for the Agency in the community and in relationships with other agencies and their personnel.

T. Knowledge of differing lifestyles and cultures, experience or training in work with children or adults, understanding and knowledge of clinical issues of foster and adopted children and families, training or practice in individual or group counseling, interviewing, family assessment, and crisis intervention.

U. Possess an understanding and sensitivity to the client’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

V. Become familiar with and follow the code of ethics for your profession and agree to abide by the related agency standards.

W. Personal qualities of warmth, sensitivity, and ability to establish meaningful therapeutic relationships and a capacity to make sound decisions.

X. A positive, optimistic, and accepting attitude

Y. A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of child development and child management.

Z. Extensive knowledge of community resources.

AA. Assertiveness, flexibility, self-organization, and self-direction.

BB. Valid driver’s license, adequate insurance with a car available at all times.

CC. Good moral character.

DD. A personal commitment to the Agency’s mission, philosophy, and values.






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805 Leonard St NE
Grand Rapids


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Online at EOE.