CLS/Respite Specialist




I.                   MISSION STATEMENT


Helping children and empowering families by providing safety, advocacy and support.



II.                NATURE OF WORK


The CLS/Respite Specialist assures CLS Aides have the training, support, direction and resources needed to effectively engage and assist families in achieving the treatment plan objectives of their primary Network180 program. This includes initial and ongoing orientation and training, problem solving and coordination of community resources, as well as procurement of materials and supplies for respite activities.






  1. Orientation- agency training.
  2. One-on-one training
  3. Paperwork training
  4. Events calendar- completed and sent out last business day of the month for following month.
  5. Maintain one CLS client.



One-on-one respite requests:

  1. Receive all one-on-one requests from case workers.  Send out emails to respite/CLS staff to fill requests. Confirm respite is filled with case workers and respite/CLS staff.
  2. Meet with supervisor first business day of the month to go over filled respite matches, no shows, and cancelled respite shifts.
  3. Set up group respite activities every month.
  4. Meet with supervisor every 2nd Monday of the month to go over the following month’s calendar, budget, venue, transportation.
  5. Send out calendar to program supervisors to distribute to staff.
  6. Keep track of RSVP’s for groups. Send out email to program supervisors to forward to staff when groups are filled.
  7. Secure a lead respite worker for each group (identified person will pick up respite binder, respite phone, and pass when applicable).
  8. Will be responsible to meet with lead respite worker to retrieve respite materials (sign in sheets) following respite group.
  9. Meet with supervisor weekly to discuss respite concerns/issues.




  1. Ability to communicate verbally and effectively to exchange information with coworkers, peers, the community, and others involved in your position.
  2. Ability to maintain a stationary position for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to be physically mobile when working with students.
  4. Ability to determine and assess job related documents and visually utilize Agency equipment.
  5. Ability to physically handle and perform job related functions, including the operation of Agency equipment.
  6. Ability to physically position oneself to effectively interact with students.
  7. Ability to ascend/descend stairs safely and successfully.
  8. Ability to lift and transport 40lbs.





  1. Educational requirements are Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or similar.
  2. Minimum of 5 years related experience.
  3. Good oral and written communication skills.
  4. Good organizational skills.
  5. Good computer skills
  6. Valid driver’s license, adequate insurance with a car available at all times.
  7. Ability to work with a variety of people both within and outside the Agency and must       promote a positive image for the Agency in the community and in relationship with other        agencies and their personnel.
  8. Possess an understanding and sensitivity to the client’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.
  9. Personal qualities of warmth, sensitivity, and the ability to establish meaningful rapport and maintain mutual respect with people from various cultures.
  10. Become familiar with and follow the code of ethics for your profession and agree to abide by the related Agency standards.
  11. Positive acceptance of supervision in order to learn and be trained in job-related functions.
  12. Personal qualities of organizational skills, assertiveness, good judgment, conscientiousness, attention to detail, and timeliness.
  13. Good moral character.
  14. A personal commitment to the Agency’s mission, philosophy, and values.



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805 Leonard St NE
Grand Rapids


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Base Salary:

How to Apply: 
Please send resume and cover letter to or apply online at EOE.