Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care (Forest Hills Bible Chapel - Grand Rapids, MI)

POSITION: Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care

FLSA: Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care



Last Date Revised: 1/14/18


The Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care will work closely with the Elders and Deacons in the coordination and effective implementation of volunteer teams and staff to support the vision and mission of FHBC.


  1. Communication and Outreach

    1. See that FHBC ministries function effectively and efficiently. Gather and give out information through personal contacts, attending ministry meetings, reviewing meeting minutes, and giving or coordinating announcements at public meetings.

    2. Assimilate newcomers and new believers through personal contact and encouraging their involvement in ministry and small groups.

    3. Work as part of a team with the Elders to clearly communicate and implement the Chapel’s vision and mission with the body and surrounding community.

    4. With the collaboration of other members, support the local outreach/evangelism ministries of FHBC.

  2. Christian education and youth ministry (Includes Sunday school for all ages, children’s ministries, and youth groups).

    1. Serve as Christian Education Director, such activities to include but not be limited to:

      1. Promote, recruit, enlist and provide training for volunteers for Christian education ministries. 

      2. Identify and assess need for additional Christian education staffing/volunteers.

      3. Create and submit an annual Christian Education and Youth Ministry plan to the Elders that establishes the strategic vision, goals, outreach opportunities, objectives and timelines for growing and enriching the Chapel’s Youth Ministry programs. For example:

        1. Schedule and coordinate Sunday School volunteer training.

        2. Schedule and coordinate annual special youth programs.

        3. Work with Elders annually to establish the Sunday School curriculum.

  3. Pastoral

    1. Provide pulpit supply a minimum of 12 times per year or as necessary.

    2. Oversee and coordinate visitation (hospital/home), counseling and shepherding ministries.

    3. Develop and maintain a small group strategy that aligns with the overall vision of the church.

    4. Provide premarital counseling, perform weddings and funerals.

  4. Administration

    1. Manage administrative services, inclusive of necessary Sunday School schedules and material management.

    2. Coordinate FHBC building use by the church and community.

    3. Manage the use, maintenance and occupancy of the chapel house.

Reporting Functions

  1. The Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care will:

    1. Report to the Elder Board any work-related problems or concern.

    2. Prepare a written report of ministry involvements and goals to distribute and discuss at each monthly elder meeting.

    3. Annually evaluate each area of responsibility and recommend changes to the elders.

    4. Understanding of and willingness to serve within the doctrinal commitments of the Chapel.

  2. The Elders will:

    1. Conduct and annual performance review and individual development plan.

    2. Provide one work-related support elder and one spiritual, emotional, and family support elder for the Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care. 

    3. Discuss any perceived or actual problems with the Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care’s character or work with him directly, following Matthew 18:15-29, before taking any disciplinary action.

JOB qualifications

  1. Four-year degree, Bible degree preferred from accredited seminary

  2. Demonstrable experience in working within and building teams

  3. Five years professional experience desired

  4. Passion for discipleship

  5. Strong oral and written communications skills

  6. Function as the public face of the Chapel to the community

  7. Passion for evangelism

  8. Meet the qualifications of an Elder

  9. A lifestyle congruent with the Biblical requirements for leaders (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).


Forest Hills Bible Chapel operates in a professional church building setting. Some job assignments at Forest Hills Bible Chapel are primarily conducted within the building while others have moderate to extensive travel responsibilities as described in the Job Functions and/or Job Qualifications section(s) above. Forest Hills Bible Chapel is committed to working with its employees to reasonably accommodate them with the physical aspects of the position.

The Director of Ministries and Pastoral Care is a 40 hour per week position, Tuesday through Sunday, such schedule may be modified to allow participation in other ministries as approved by the elders. FHBC will provide monies for health insurance coverage agreeable to FHBC and the DMPC. Mileage reimbursement is provided. Retirement benefits are provided with FHBC contributing 5% of base salary to a 403-B plan. 3 weeks paid vacation is provided with 4 weeks available after 5 years.

Notice: This job description is not intended to be, nor should be construed as a contract for employment. Forest Hills Bible Chapel makes no guarantee of permanent employment. This job description is to be used as a guideline to give the employee an understanding of what Forest Hills Bible Chapel has defined this position to be.

Forest Hills Bible Chapel will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental disabilities of qualified applicants unless to do so would cause an undue hardship. Disabled individuals who feel accommodation is needed to perform their job, or the job for which they have applied, must notify Forest Hills Bible Chapel in writing of the need for reasonable accommodation within 180 days after the date the individual knew or reasonably should have known that an accommodation was needed. Forest Hills Bible Chapel, thereafter, will make all reasonable accommodations unless to do so would pose an undue hardship.

Forest Hills Bible Chapel is willing to accommodate disabilities to the extent a faith-based ministry organization can without impacting financial control or member service. Forest Hills Bible Chapel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

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4637 Ada Dr


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This position also includes housing at the parsonage right next to the main chapel.
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Contact Steve via email at