Director of Worship Arts

Immanuel Church of Holland is hiring a full-time Director of Worship Arts to assist and encourage in the worship of God, and to oversee and encourage all creative use of music and art within the church.

What you will do:

  • Oversee all music and worship throughout all church ministries
  • Collaborate with pastoral team to develop service flow
  • Train and develop the band, other musicians and vocalists
  • Encourage spiritual growth and community among the volunteers involved in music ministries
  • Communicate well both verbally and written
  • Arrange music for the band, vocals and parts for other instrumentation
  • Plan and develop a team environment among music and worship teams

We are looking for:

Someone who is highly relational and communicates well. Someone who pays attention to details and works effectively with minimal supervision. This person should be musically and vocally proficient to lead the congregation and musicians well. This person should also have a heart of compassion for those he leads.

Ideal candidates should have experience leading worship teams, technical expertise and excellent musical abilities.

Candidates should be both musically proficient as well as have a strong understanding of the Bible, strong theological stance, a life that is consistent with those beliefs and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. A four-year degree with formal Biblical training or equivalent experience is required.

Membership at Immanuel Church is required for employment, as well as beliefs that are consistent with our statement of faith.


Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Russell Miller
325 104th Ave


Email Address: 
How to Apply: 
Visit to apply