High School and College Age Discipleship Catalyst

CrossWinds Church is an urban, neighborhood focused, multi-congregational, Gospel-centered church. Our mission is to start and grow intentionally local, indigenous, reproducing, urban churches in the under resourced neighborhoods in and around Grand Rapids, MI. We envision a family of neighborhood congregations scattered throughout greater Grand Rapids. Just as the city is made up of many neighborhoods, so CrossWinds envisions being one church made up of many neighborhood congregations. CrossWinds is a diverse family of neighbors who are committed to loving Jesus and loving their community. We are currently organized into 3 neighborhood congregations and we are actively seeking where to go next.

We are currently seeking an individual to connect with high school and college students.  The main focus would be meeting regularly with students and helping them form deeper relationships with one another and Jesus.


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David Drake


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Contact Pastor David Drake pastordave@windschurch.net