Minister of Worship Arts

Grace Christian Reformed Church is seeking a part-time Minister of Worship Arts. The Minister of Worship Arts will equip and lead the musicians and worship arts leaders at Grace. This person will work closely with the senior pastor, worship committee, and worship planning team to prepare diverse and inclusive worship services that glorify God.

Grace Christian Reformed Church is an urban, multi-ethnic and diverse church in the Grand Rapids area. Our mission is to be a community where all people experience God’s love, find a greater knowledge of God, and grow in commitment to living as wholehearted and joyful disciples of Christ. For more information about Grace Church please see our website at

Please forward letters of interest in the position to:

Grace Church, 100 Buckley SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 

Or you may email the church office at:

Should you have any questions, please contact Rev. Jack Kooreman at 452-8920. 

Application Deadline: March 30, 2018


Job Description

For the

“Minister of Worship Arts”

Of Grace Christian Reformed Church


The purpose of the position of “Minister of Worship Arts” is to equip and shepherd our musicians and worship arts leaders, and along with the pastor and worship committee, to guide and support the worship planning process. The ultimate goal is to support the vision of our church through the worship experience at all services of Grace Church.

The vision statement of Grace Church: “Grace Christian Reformed Church is a healthy, urban, intentionally multi-ethnic and diverse (in many ways) expression of God’s new family in Christ Jesus— a church that embraces, in the words of Revelation, ‘the healing of the nations.’”  As such, Grace Church seeks above all, to model the reconciliation and healing of the nations in all aspects of church life and ministry.  

Our vision in worship is to:

  • Model racial reconciliation and reconciliation across human divisions and provide tangible evidence of the unity of the Body of Christ 
  • Celebrate God's reconciling love
  • Involve youth and adults in worship
  • Reach out to those who do not know God's love in the context of a community being transformed by God's Spirit

Position Responsibilities

Worship is the most central and public activity engaged in by the church. We understand and profess that the risen Christ we worship transcends and is indeed beyond any one culture. As we embrace the concept of Grace Church as a mission-focused church, we recognize the importance of understanding and appreciating the potential of worship as outreach. As the church is comprised of members from various backgrounds, ethnicities and traditions, we seek to honor the varying worship style preferences of our members. As we recognize that Christian worship is celebrated differently in local cultural settings, we seek to understand, appreciate and incorporate the various cultural contexts of our members and visitors.

Consistent with the above, the general responsibilities of the Minister of Worship Arts are to oversee the incorporation of music, drama, dance, and visual arts in the corporate worship of this church. Various other art forms are to be drawn into worship in a complementary and edifying manner to offer a fuller experience of worshipping the Lord. The position reports to the senior pastor.

The specific responsibilities for the position are as follows:

  • In consultation with the pastor and the council, develop a vision and philosophy of utilizing music and arts in worship that is consistent with our diversity as a congregation and our reconciliation in Christ.
  • Articulate and implement that vision and philosophy of worship along with volunteers who participate in the leadership of the worship services of the church.
  • Develop a long-range worship vision and plan in collaboration with the senior pastor.
  • Develop and utilize the giftedness of all members of the congregation in all aspects of worship.
  • Guide and oversee the worship planning process along with the pastor and the worship committee.
  • Work with children and youth leaders to create a worship culture and worship opportunities in which children and youth fully participate.
  • Incorporate the arts into our worship services where appropriate, by encouraging the use of drama, dance and visual arts.
  • Assist in identifying people and other resources for worship arts; encourage and integrate worshipers’ musical gifts into worship and special event services.
  • Maintain a ministry of encouragement to all who offer themselves in the various forms of art or in support of our worship services.

Characteristics and Qualifications

  • Love the Lord Jesus.
  • Have a passion for worship and prayer.
  • Be familiar with and supportive of different cultures and worship styles, and be acquainted with a wide body of music worship literature.
  • Possess a vision for worship and the ability to express that vision.
  • Have a pastoral sense for mentoring and developing worship leadership and gifts in others.
  • Be knowledgeable in the use of worship arts and how they may be applied to our vision.    







Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Rev. Jack Kooreman
100 Buckley St. SE
Grand Rapids


Email Address: 

Base Salary:

How to Apply: 
Please forward letters of interest in the position to: Grace Church, 100 Buckley SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Or you may email to the church office at: