MillBrook Christian Fellowship (Grafton, NH)

We are a small, rural NH, CCCC-member church seeking a full-time pastor for the long haul (10+ years), under the age of 55, to start January 1, 2018. Required is a bachelor’s degree and some experience in church leadership. Preferred is a seminary degree and at least 4 years experience as associate or senior pastor.  The pastor’s primary tasks will be that of preaching, teaching, and discipling.  We are not looking for a CEO type of leader but rather an equipper who will be a team player.  Our sense of church family is of great importance to us, and we are looking for a man who will be a community builder and who will fully immerse himself in the life of our body, loving us and being loved by us.  We desire a pastor who is missional in purpose both globally and within our local community who will care about those around us and encourage us to do the same. It is our hope that the pastor will be steadfast, not easily discouraged, and will embrace the work at hand with energy and enthusiasm.  Please contact MillBrook's Pastoral Search Committee chair, Kirk Phelps, at




The church was formed in 1798, but there is little known history. Since the turn of the twentieth century, the average stay for a pastor in Grafton (not including the current pastor who is in his thirtieth year), was two years, with the longest being ten years.





In 2000, the church leadership reorganized its government. The church is now led by a team of Elders whose primary task is that of equipping the saints. There are currently three Elders, (including the pastor), one Deacon who oversees the benevolent ministry, and three Trustees who oversee the needs of the church building, the grounds, and the three homes.



The building in which we had worshiped was no longer sufficient or safe. Through generous gifts, the church was able to build a new facility on 69 acres of land in Grafton. In 2009 the church body began to worship in its beautiful, new church home.





Grafton has a large township, but its population density is only 32 people per square mile. (See for more information.) It has a very small country store/gas station, town office/ police station, volunteer fire dept., library, historical society and our church. Some residents are here because of the quiet and natural beauty, some because they prefer to be left alone, and some because their families have lived here for generations. Grafton has a slowly growing population of Free Staters.  In general, the church has a good reputation within the town.





We are a relatively small group of people from eight towns. Approximately 50 of us gather to worship on Sunday morning, about half of whom are members. More than half of the fifty are actively involved in some sort of ministry.


Our worship service is informal, lasting approximately 60 to 75 minutes and consisting of preaching (primarily expository), prayer, and music led by a small worship band. People stay long after the service has ended to enjoy fellowship.


Many members have expressed a desire for greater fellowship. This said, it is difficult to gather people.  Some view this as a reflection of the Grafton culture.


The members are quick to individually serve the church, one another, and to gather as friends, while being less willing to make a team commitment such as that of being part of a small group.


A previous Grafton pastor once wrote to the current pastor, “As surely as you are serving in deepest, darkest Africa, you are serving on the mission field here!” Our body would agree with that statement. Those who remain with MillBrook tend to be steadfast, resilient people who are satisfied faithfully tilling their patch of soil.


Finally, a distinction of MillBrook is its diversity. We have had, at the same time, people with an 8th grade education as well as those with doctorates. We have people who are wealthy and those who are poor. We’ve had ex-convicts and a police chief. Each is valued and loved, and we live together well as the body of Christ.





While we have had long-term ministries, most of our ministries are of a shorter duration according to current needs. All leadership is volunteer. Currently, we have a missions ministry, benevolence ministry, worship team, nursery, adult Sunday School/prayer team, a small group, and kitchen crew.


Some of our ministry resources are underused (such as the nursery in need of consistent, weekly staffing). Some of our resources are currently not in use at all (such as children's Sunday school classrooms and the youth room). We prayerfully await leaders for those ministries.


People serve by cleaning the church; providing food, rides and financial help to those in need; picking up highway trash; etc. According to our missional focus of serving in our work places and neighborhoods as well as our church and homes, many people are ministering by intentionally forming relationships with those outside of Christ.


The opportunities in our town and in our church are great.


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Under 100

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Kirk Phelps
201 Main Street


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We are currently pursuing a candidate. We will know that outcome by the end of October. In the mean time, other prospective candidates are welcome to contact us at
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Send letter of intent, resume, statement of faith, and a few sermons audios downloaded to YouTube with date and venue to our email, Thank you!