Senior Pastor

The Charleston Bible Church is seeking a fulltime senior pastor.


Salary package is negotiable:


Doctrinal position is that of the IFCA Int.


There is no parsonage but plenty of rental property in the area and the sale of homes.


The church is debt free and held their mortgage burning ceremony in November of 2016.


Charleston is a community of about 21 thousand and the Charleston Bible Church is located on University Dr.  situated among two of the newer subdivisions near the campus of Eastern Illinois University (present student population is about 7 -8 thousand during the school year).


The facility has the ability to seat 200 with a large fellowship room,  a number of Sunday school rooms in the lower level; there is a newer 3 classrooms, kitchen and gym next door which was built for the Christian Academy in 2004.  Under the leadership of Pastor John Best they built the Charleston Christian Academy with classes from pre-school through the 12th grade. After Pastor Best was diagnosed with cancer, pastoring and being the school administrator was too great and with the increasing cost and a decline in attendance they closed the school in 2015.  A homeschooled group called Classical Conversation uses the facilities once a week for their school time.  There is still a need for rebuilding a Christian school ministry in the area.


The current church attendance is 20 in Sunday School, 40 -50 in the Worship Service and 20 -25 in the Evening Service. We are a congregation comprised of an age group between babies and adults in their 90’s. We have 6-8 between the ages of 20 -30 but most of the congregation is 50 plus.


The style of ministry is for the most part traditional with a flare at time of newer songs and chorus; there are 4-5 very good pianists in the church and each take a Sunday to play.


This has always been a strong IFCA Int. ministry with men like Wes Philips, Bill Hentschel, Jerry Pulson and John Best as our pastors.  September 17, the church will celebrate its 75th anniversary in ministry.


Other information may be asked for upon request.







Congregation Size: 
Under 100

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Contact Name: 
Norman Stark
2605 University Dr.



Base Salary:

Other Information: 
The church is located near the campus of Eastern Illinois University, in a nice neighborhood and has great potential in rebuilding in its numbers. There are a number of places to rent throughout the city, or home to buy.
How to Apply: 
Send resume to the Charleston Bible Church address