Student Ministry Leader

Student Ministry Leader

Job Description

The Student Ministry Leader will direct and oversee the church’s efforts to build relationships with middle school and high school students inside and outside of the church, partnering with parents in making new and better Christ followers who influence their friends and impact their schools for the glory of God.

Hourly 24-30 hours per week, not benefit eligible

The Position will report to the Teaching Pastor and the Director of Christian Education


  1. Provide a good role model for youth.
  2. Pray for students.
  3. Build relationships with students, mentor, offer biblically-sound advice, listen and spend time with students at sporting events or school activities to show that you care.
  4. Participate in staff meetings with Administrative Staff when necessary.
  5. Equip and lead the student ministry team.
  6. Attend leadership training and other equipping opportunities as identified by Pastoral Staff.
  7. Be prepared to lead students to Christ.
  8. Look for opportunities to connect students outside of the church with current youth activities inside of the church.
  9. Participate in after-school programs or clubs that will provide opportunity to invest in students.
  10. Oversee, coordinate and give leadership to weekly Student Ministry activities and special events/outings.
  11. Equip, empower and mobilize student leaders.


Essential Duties:

  1. Active presence at neighborhood schools and in partnership with work being done at Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation. Building relationships with youth who are not yet followers of Jesus.
  2. Regularly attend worship gatherings at Tabernacle and support student ministry activities that engage youth in the life of the church.
  3. Contact work with youth.
  4. Coordinating all student ministry activities, retreats, special events, missional engagement.


College degree preferred.

Qualifications required for the Job:

Vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ with a calling and gifting for ministry to young people.

Must agree with our Faith Statement and be willing to sign.

Willing to partner on mission with Tabernacle Community Church.

Able to commit to the church’s vision, mission and ministry philosophy.

Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.

Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.

Be faithful, available, and teachable.

Submit resume to Tabernacle Community Church, 2530 Eastern Ave, Grand Rapids MI  49507.


Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
2530 Eastern Ave
Grand Rapids


How to Apply: 
Submit resume to Tabernacle Community Church, 2530 Eastern Ave, Grand Rapids MI 49507.