Worship Leader



This is a paid part-time position.

Coit Community Church is an inner city church on the NE side of Grand Rapids.   We are a diverse church, so our worship is very diverse too.  We have a small but committed praise team, and sound person, and members who are able and willing to fill in for leading if needed i.e. vacation etc..  We are a small church that serves in big ways, and we believe in being involved in our neighborhood, not just driving in on a Sunday morning.  We have a ministry house next to the church where outreach takes place 3 days a week to those who live in the neighborhood.  We have weekly ministries such as, Cadets, Mens Bible Study, Women's Bible Study and Couples group.

Purpose of Position:

To assist leading the congregation of Coit Church in worship.

This position reports to the Senior Pastor and Church Board.

This is a part-time position with salary to be determined 

General Requirements:

• Must have a solid testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

• Must have visible fruit of a growing personal relationship with the Lord.

• Must agree with our Church Constitution.

• Must be committed to the churches mission, leadership, and people.

  • Must be willing to engage in other church fellowships

• Must have a heart for the spiritual growth of our congregation.

• Must have a heart for outreach to the lost of our community.

• Must be dependable and responsible.


Music Ministry:

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

• Ability to skillfully play the guitar and or keyboard in a variety of musical styles (gospel, contemporary, hymns).

"Confident and experienced" in leading worship

• Ability to enthusiastically lead our congregation in the worship of our Lord and Savior.

• Ability to plan the corporate worship services with direction from the Senior Pastor.

. Willingness to work with established praise team.

• Ability to enhance the worship experience using technology.

  • Must be comfortable working with a diverse group of people


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please call Pastor Jerome at 616-893-7773

Our webiste is basic, but will give show you a little bit about us.   http://www.coitchurch.org/


Congregation Size: 
Under 100

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Pastor Jerome Burton
600 Lafayette NE
Grand Rapids


Email Address: 

Base Salary:

How to Apply: 
See above