Young Family Facilitator

The Young Family Facilitator serves in a part-time (up to 10 hours per week not including the worship service nursery every other Sunday) capacity and is responsible for activities that benefit and nurture young families.  This position supports young families with children and involves planning, coordinating, budgeting, promoting, evaluating and reporting for the young family fellowship groups.  (This person may be asked to serve as a backup Nursery Attendant or join the regular Nursery Attendant rotation.)  Nursery Attendant responsibilities are covered in a separate job description.

For day-to-day administration, the Young Family Facilitator reports directly to the Head of Staff. For policy matters and planning, the Young Family Facilitator reports to the Faith Development Council.  Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Personnel Committee, which includes the Head of Staff and the Faith Development Moderator, according to the guidelines in the Personnel Manual of FPC.

Description and Responsibilities: 

Result #1:     Reach out to young families and engage them in the ministry of the First                Presbyterian Church of Muskegon.  Build relationships with the church and community to expand the FPC’s ability to attract and serve young families.

Result #2:     Develop new, young-family-targeted programs such as:

  • Younger Youth Fellowship (3rd-5th grade)
  • Younger Elementary Activity Group (K-2nd grade)
  • Young Mother Fellowship.


Result #3:     Coordinate and administer all facets of educational and recreational opportunities for the assigned groups.

Result #4      Coordinate and supervise Nursery Attendants.


Time Commitment:  Up to 10 hours per week not including the worship service nursery

(as needed )                  


Special Talents, Skills Preferred: A person who has an outgoing personality that is attractive to young parents and families, who has a deep compassion for young people and who has a desire to have an impact on the lives of others.  This person should also have a vision of how the programs should develop and additional opportunities for other programs that target the young families in the Muskegon area.


Spiritual Gifts:  This person should have a love for, and a personal relationship with, Jesus Christ as well as a love for children and young families and be able to visibly demonstrate these qualities.  This person should also have a vision of how young children and families can grow through development of their own love of Jesus in their personal faith journeys. 


Resources and Training Provided:  Attend appropriate training/faith-building experience at least annually.         



Congregation Size: 
100 - 250

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Michelle Piper
2577 Wickham Rd


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How to Apply: 
Send cover letter and resume to