Youth Program Director

The  Youth Program Director serves in a part-time (up to 18 hours per week)

capacity to handle the day-to-day operation of the children and youth ministry.  This position is mainly administrative and deals with the behind-the-scenes tasks that  support the youth programs:  planning, coordinating, supervising volunteers,  budgeting, prompting, evaluating and reporting on all educational and spiritual  formation  activities for all children and youth age groups at FPC including the oversight of both High School and Middle School youth programs.


For day-to-day administration, the Youth Program Director reports directly to the Head of Staff.  For policy matters and planning, the Youth Program Director reports to the Faith Development Council.  Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Personnel Committee, which includes the Head of Staff and the Faith Development Moderator, according to the guidelines in the Personnel Manual of FPC.

Description and Responsibilities:

Result #1:     All major events have been well publicized and organized.  Their execution has left parents confident that their children and youth have been faithfully and creatively nurtured.

Result #2:     Event coordinators and volunteers have been recruited at least three months before they were to begin.  Their experience left them feeling that they’ve made a difference and they are eager to serve with the children and youth ministry in the future.

Result #3:     Control documents have been in place and distributed in a timely fashion (including the Children and Youth Directory, Volunteer Job Description, the Children and Youth Ministry Calendar(s), Calendar requests, Event and Trip Registration Forms, and Leaders Directory).  Compliance documents have been updated and distributed to all involved parties (copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, etc.).

Result #4:     The “in-between the cracks” needs of the children and youth ministry have been handled in a professional and timely manner (being distributed to other staff or volunteers).  These needs included at least:

  • Bulletin boards, Photography, Attendance tracking
  • Newsletters, Bulletin and Sunday School Announcements
  • Forms and Registrations
  • Database and Website

Result #5:     Event notebooks have been completed for each major event, and each notebook has been updated after that event was completed.


Result #6:     At least 75% of students’ parents on the rolls of the church have been known by name by the Youth Program Director.


Result #7:     All first-time visitors have received exceptional and timely follow up, so that all children and youth who wanted to become a part of the church children and youth ministry did so in a way that felt welcoming and natural to them.


Result #8:     Weekly children and youth ministry volunteers have been recruited at least                        3 months before they were to begin serving and the majority of those volunteers participated in training, coordinating and community-building events.


Result #9:     The Youth Program Director has ensured the logistical details of Sunday school are in place each week.  These details include:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Volunteer teachers
  • Curriculum and supplies


Result #10:   Electronic copies of all volunteer job descriptions have been approved by the FDC, updated on a regular basis, filed appropriately and easily distributed to volunteers.

Result #11:   Attendance at regular meetings such as scheduled staff meetings, FDC                             meetings, and semi/monthly supervisory meetings with the Head of Staff has occurred.


Time CommitmentUp to 18 hours per week


Special Talents, Skills Preferred:  A goal-oriented individual who possesses the following traits:  maturity, organization, self-starter capabilities, a warm personality, strong communication skills, motivation, administration skills and the ability to meet deadlines.


Spiritual Gifts:  This person should love Christ and love children/youth and be able to visibly demonstrate these qualities. As well as any of the following: Administration, Artistic expression, Discernment, Helps, Intercession, Leadership, Mercy, Prophecy, Teaching and/or Hospitality.


Resources and Training Provided:   Attend appropriate training/faith-building experience at least annually



Congregation Size: 
100 - 250

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Michelle Piper
2577 Wickham Rd


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How to Apply: 
Email cover letter and resume to