Annual Income Required to Service Educational Loans

Interested in reviewing Michigan's Mean salary for careers, and how much you need to make to pay your school loans? Check this out!


CashCourse® is a free, online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students. 

Church Finances Don't Have to be Overwhelming!

Interested in church finances? ChurchExcel offers a free resource that will increase confidence with easy-to-understand resources, save time and money with their one-stop Resource Hub, and navigate red tape and complex ever-changing IRS rules and regulations. 

Create a my Social Security Account

Have you created my Social Security account yet? Click below to create your account and enjoy access to many financial planning tools!

Federal Loan Repayment Plans

Interested in learning more about the student loan repayment plans? Check this out!

Financial Awareness Counseling

This resource offers tools to help with financial awareness.

Financial Health - Solutions for Pastors and Churches

The National Association of Evangelicals provides a very robust website, focusing on Financial Health.


Financial Tools


This resource offers some great tools to help you determine College Costs, Loan Costs and a Retirement tool! Check them out.

Find Career and Internship Opportunities Via Handshake

Handshake, which is an online careers platform for job and intership searches, is available for all Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary students.