Administrative Assistant for Tabernacle Community Church


  1. Handle the demands of the office and ministry calendar

  2. Maximize the role and gifts of the pastoral team

  3. Bring energy, flexibility, creativity, drive, and interpersonality to your work, along with a desire to see TCC flourish

Hours: 20-25 | Monday-Thursday

Reports to: Administrator of Operations

  1. Execute Tabernacle’s Ministry Calendar

  2. Help the Administrator of Operations manage, coordinate, and execute the ministry calendar

  3. Manage recurring projects or events like baptisms, newsletters, etc. by following established processes

  4. Proactive planning based on the yearly calendar cycle

    1. Monitor the calendar and identify upcoming events

    2. Identify and organize tasks for those upcoming events

    3. Execute or coordinate those tasks

  5. Contribute to the continuous cultivation (improvement) of our team and the Tabernacle Ministry Events

  6. Assist the Pastoral Staff

  7. Maximize the pastors’ time by

    1. Efficiently scheduling meetings

    2. Consistently looking ahead on their calendar and organizing them to succeed

    3. Developing a system to capture and complete requests with little direction

    4. Solving problems

  8. Communicates professionally, clearly, and efficiently with internal and external persons/organizations on behalf of the pastors

  9. Make travel arrangements and create itineraries

  10. Make meeting preparations - documents, reports, reminders, etc.

  11. Weekly Tabernacle Office Duties (not a complete list)

  12. Walk through the weekly Tabernacle office rhythm

    1. Follow-up with connection cards

    2. Process giving contributions

    1. Create and prepare Sunday bulletin

    2. Order and maintain office and administrative supplies

    3. Make deposits

  13. Other office duties

    1. Serve as the first line of authority Monday-Thursday while practicing hospitality

    2. Record keeping and ownership over the church database software system

    3. Handle incoming and outgoing mail

    4. Answer and direct incoming phone calls


  1. Jesus follower

  2. Established experience with task prioritization and proven systems for handling numerous details

  3. Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

  4. Ability to see through requests to desired outcome

  5. Problem-solving, resourcefulness, & analytical skills

  6. Demonstrated proficiency with Google Suite; Microsoft Office Suite; MailChimp or similar; ability to master additional softwares quickly

  7. High School Diploma or GED


  1. Social media

  2. Eye for design - basic graphic design skill with user-friendly platforms for non-designers

  3. Website editing experience

  4. 3-5 years experience as an administrative assistant or similar administrative capacity

  5. B.A./A.A., Business, Communication, Hospitality, or related field

To apply: Email cover letter and resume to Andrew at Subject Line: Admin Assistant Role


Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Andrew Kischner
2530 Eastern Ave
Grand Rapids


How to Apply: 
Email cover letter and resume to Andrew (