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Everyone faces giants. Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the obstacles in our way. Hurting people need hope and encouragement. They need to be reminded that, “It’s not the size of the giant in front of you that matters; it’s the size of the God who is with you”.

A Biblically and historically accurate replica of Goliath’s spear has been made so that people can get a visual impact of what it was that David faced as he took on Goliath. Through the aid of the Biblical research department of the Creation Museum and many other resources, the spear was made and has blessed thousands as it has been exhibited throughout half of the United States within the past two years.

The ministry of the spear is relativity new but is backed by the experience of a forty six year old iterate ministry. The future looks amazing as we look to train the worthy candidate who has the drive and vision to take what is already in place to the next level.

If you have been “called” to full time ministry and are serious about reaching people with the power of the Word of God, we would love to talk with you. This position will task every aspect a warrior on the front line of the spiritual battlefield. Ministry of any kind is not for the faint hearted. Take courage, we win! Giants are no match for my God!


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Sheldon Rhodes
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