AVL Technical Support / South Harbor Church

South Harbor is one of 5 campuses under Harbor Churches.  Harbor Churches is a place where you can find a group of people centered on the gospel who care about people and communities of people. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms people, families, communities, cities, and the world. Sure, we have programs and budgets and staff and buildings – but we would have nothing without the good news that Jesus Christ is the one we’ve been waiting for, the one who answers the questions we haven’t even asked yet, the one who loves us, heals our brokenness, loves our messiness, and isn’t content to leave us alone. That’s good news – and it matters. In fact, we learn from the Bible that God thinks we matter. It’s our hope that you will find here a God who cares about you, cares about your transformation, and is about transforming a world He loves into something more beautiful than we could ever imagine. What could be better than that?

Position Description:

Position Grade: Part time 20 hours per week

Ministry Team: Key Ministry Areas

Reporting Relationship: Campus Pastor


To help people find their way back to God by overseeing the implementation of technology for Sunday services, weddings, and events. The AVL Technical Support is highly involved with Worship Arts, helping to lead the congregation by ensuring that audio engineers, screen operators, lighting operators, and camera operators are successful and by engaging through technology to clearly communicate the gospel.


  • Utilize Planning Center and email for communications, scheduling, and planning
  • Ensure the quality and maintenance of sound, lighting and projection systems, and church owned musical gear
  • Interact with the worship team in and out of Sunday services
  • Recruit, train, and empower the community to serve each other on the technical systems throughout the facility
  • Develop a culture of excitement and learning within the technical teams, placing value on relationships and creative solutions above equipment
  • Work with ministry leaders to understand technical needs and create solutions for programs and events, utilizing the volunteer team
  • Capture, edit, and upload sermon podcast audio each week
  • Assist Kids and Youth Ministries to coordinate and develop tech needs and usage
  • Assist with Harbor Churches events as requested, such as Youth Week and One Baptism
  • Serve an active role in worship planning and staff meetings
  • Meet with Worship Director weekly for support, development, and feedback


The AVL Technical Support position is a part-time hourly position. Sunday is a mandatory working day, being present before, during, and after services. Requirements for the position include strong interpersonal communication skills, detail oriented, exhibit a personality that engages the church family, sees tech as a tool for enhancing relationships and clarifying communication, exhibits expertise in multiple technical systems and the way they integrate with each other (specifically audio, video, sight/projection, and lights), proficiency with software (ProPresenter, audio and video editing), demonstrates a heart for worship, values the role of corporate worship, and has the ability to tell his/her faith story. Must have at least 5 years of technical experience, preferably in a church context. Upon request, the AVL Technical Support may need to flex regular work schedule to compensate for events and during intense ministry seasons. As with all church staff positions, the AVL Technical Support must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, an active prayer life, a servant’s heart and a commitment to staff unity and the Harbor Churches Mission.


Congregation Size: 
1,000 - 5,000

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Shirley Passchier
1907 64th St SW
Byron Center


How to Apply: 
. To apply for the position, please follow the steps listed below. If you have questions about specific positions or the application process, please email Harbor Churches Human Resources at hr@harborchurches.org. To Apply: ➔ Complete an online application found at the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/dqPMxPO1iM ➔ Submit your resume and cover letter to: ◆ careers@harborchurches.org ◆ Include a SUBJECT line of: YOURLASTNAME Yourfirstname, Title of Job Opening