City View Church Pastor

City View Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan is seeking a full-time pastor who will lead us into the next chapter of our story. City View Church is an urban, Baptist church on the northwest side. Our last full-time senior pastor resigned in August of 2013. For the next two years, our pulpit was primarily filled by Grand Rapids Theological Seminary professors and graduates. In August of 2015, we began building a three-person pastoral team, in which one member received a part-time salary. However, at this time we have one pastor, serving on a volunteer basis.

We meet in an old, brick church building that has a capacity of about 300 persons. We have owned this building since 1991. However, as of Spring 2019, the building will be owned by New City Kids. New City Kids is an afterschool mentorship program reaching 90 children and 45 teens five days a week. We are thrilled they have assumed stewardship of the building and they have given us permanent permission to worship in the building.

City View Church believes our church is best served by a team of pastors. We hoped that a team of three or four part-time/bi-vocational pastors could strengthen each other’s weaknesses and build upon each other’s strengths as they exemplify servant leadership through their various gifts and abilities. In our current situation, we need a full-time individual who can be wholly invested in the daily rhythms of ministry. We remain committed to a collaborative, team-oriented philosophy of church leadership and hope to call additional pastors as we are able.


Our pastor must meet these qualifications stated in the City View Constitution and must be a man elected by the congregation as described in the Constitution. 

  • Any pastor must agree with City View Church’s Statement of Faith (available at
  • Any pastor must meet the requirements found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


While the specific duties and responsibilities of the pastor may evolve as the pastoral team develops, our pastor will be expected to:

  • Be committed to a life of prayer and study of the Word
  • Preach in the primary gathering of the church on a regular basis
  • Diligently prepare for the preaching ministry (40% of weekly ministry)
  • Delegate and advise the various facilitators of City View’s ministries (10% of weekly ministry)
  • Develop vision for partnering with New City Kids to welcome their students into our church body and minister to their families (25% weekly ministry)
  • In cooperation with the current deacons, clearly articulate the boundaries for their individual ministry responsibilities, recognizing the potential for working with future part-time and bi-vocational pastors
  • Craft a concise policy document to guide the pastoral team in the delegation of various duties, the decision-making process, the resolution of ministerial disputes, moral accountability, and financial integrity (The process of dismissing pastors for moral or professional failure is described in the City View Church Constitution.)
  • Assess the various ministries of City View and provide executive oversight regarding the direction of their future
  • Assist the deacons in the vetting and calling of additional pastors


Congregation Size: 
Under 100

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Seth Horton
960 Alpine Ave NW
Grand Rapids



Base Salary:

How to Apply: 
Any interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter expressing their interest in City View Church to, subject line: Pastoral Search Committee.