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You belong here if:

You are called to make an impact in greater Grand Rapids;

You are called to help men, women and children overcome homelessness;

You see value and potential in every human being no matter how broken they are;

You rejoice in seeing lives transformed forever;

You are called to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus to everyone.


Oversee, guide, and direct the Guest Safety Services Department by ensuring the downtown mission is safe and secure and all visitors and guest feel warmly welcomed and promptly attended to. The right person is someone who should possess excellent people skills, be a proactive listener, be compassionate, and have empathy.

Job Duties

  • Monitor and maintain the overall safety and security of the building and its’ premises, in conjunction with all GSS staff
  • Participate in aspects of hiring and evaluating all GSS staff
  • Develop and implement ongoing training for GSS staff
  • Coordinate work with the advocate teams and GSS staff to maintain unified and consistent practices with regards to guest assistance, interaction, and policy/procedure adherence
  • Be available as needed for after-hours support and consulting on issues or matters of concern
  • Respond to crisis and emergencies that arise, providing assistance and direction
  • Oversee, maintain, and communicate all emergency procedures to guests, staff, and volunteers
  • Participate in the Investigative process (and lead if appropriate) for reports of crime, abuse, complaints, rules not adhered to, etc. 
  • Act as a liaison and collaborate with GRPD and other agencies to solve problems and aid in investigations
  • Provide close monitoring and oversight of volunteers, interns, and court community service workers assigned to the department

Management Competencies

  • Area Expertise - viewed as having expert level knowledge
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making - ability to reach the best possible outcome
  • Conflict Resolution - facilitate a peaceful end to conflict
  • Building and Maintaining  Relationships - positive and productive relationships
  • Change Management - transitioning others to a desired future state
  • Team Building and Management - team members are supportive, equipped, inspired and respectful
  • Financial Responsibility (Department) - wise use of monetary resources
  • Business Acumen - intuitive and applicable understanding of the organization
  • Customer Experience - exceed customer expectations
  • Servant Leadership - serve all levels of the ministry with the heart of Jesus

Core Competencies

  • Faith - Commitment to faith-based approach to advocacy for the guests
  • Sensitivity - competently communicate across racial, class and cultural divides
  • Attendance/Punctuality - reliable and dependable
  • Communication - prompt, courteous, respectful, helpful, appropriate, correct
  • Initiative - takes appropriate action without being asked
  • Attitude - positive and supportive of the work and organization
  • Team Participation - supports and helps others
  • Accountability - demonstrates responsibility
  • Cooperation - willing to hear the thoughts of others and work toward a common goal
  • Integrity/Credibility - honest and adheres to moral and ethical principles; trustworthy
  • Compassion - concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, leading to action and advocacy


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working in a related position
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in supervision/management-type role

Working Conditions

  • Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling
  • Understand, speak, read, and write fluent English
  • Required to talk and  hear
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Able to use fine motor hand functions
  • Frequently exposed to varying temperatures from below 32 degrees to above 80 degrees



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225 Commerce Ave SW
Grand Rapids


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How to Apply: 
Print the application and complete it Application for Employment E-mail, fax, or mail completed application (along with a cover letter and resume, if appropriate) to: Employment Opportunity Mel Trotter Ministries 225 Commerce Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 E-mail: Phone: 616-454-8249 Fax: 616-454-5255