Intern/future Associate Pastor

We are looking to fill a position at NCBC for an Associate Pastor's position.  Along with a ministry teach, he will be working and overseeing our youth ministries.  We would value some level of musical ability as well, but that is not a game changer for us.  Other ministry opportunities will be given to this individual such as pulpit fill and particiaption in all activies related to pastoral care.  Working with seminary students as an interns with a goal to fill an assoicate position would be ideal.  We are a growing rural church with all age groups. 


Congregation Size: 
100 - 250

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Aaron Shaw
1625 Canada Rd.


Email Address: 

Base Salary:

How to Apply: 
Contact the church through email and send resume. I am interested in making sure that the candidate is truly called to pastoral work and if married has a spouse who is able to manage in a ministerial setting. If you are interested and feel that you have little experience that is okay as well as I am willing to mentor you as you engage in pastoral work.