Music & Worship Coordinator

Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Lowell, MI is seeking a part-time Music & Worship Coordinator.  We are looking for a musically talented (preferably a pianist/singer but all may apply) servant of Christ who understands Biblical concepts of worship as well as values (and can play) Christian music both old and new.  We are looking for someone who, with the help of our pastor, will be able to help plan worship, put together liturgy, and choose and perform music in a way that honors God and is attractive to the community in Lowell.  If you do not yet have but are willing to learn these skills, still apply.  Please contact us by email: or by phone: (616) 745-4924.  May God bless you and you praise God!


Congregation Size: 
Under 100
(616) 745-4924

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Contact Name: 
Pastor Ryan Landt
1151 West Main Street


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How to Apply: 
Email at: or call: (616) 745-4924