Next Generations Pastor

We are seeking a Next Generations Pastor that will match our needs for ministry, embrace our hopes for the future, and align with the vision and culture we seek to establish at Trinity. This person’s primary responsibility will be leadership of our middle- and high school ministries. We seek a person that will not only match our expectations of character, chemistry, and competency, but we are also looking for a candidate that will bring his own unique combination of passion and giftings to serve alongside us.


The ideal candidate:

  • Is a committed follower of Christ that meets the biblical leadership criteria established in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • Is a peacemaker who has strong social skills and a proven ability to handle conflict.
  • Has a demonstrated track record of ministry service.
  • Has a well-developed enthusiasm for serving and reaching the next generation.


The Core Values our leadership team seeks to emulate are:

Excellence and High Standards: Doing all things (from personal appearance to the details of ministry) with a sense of high quality and excellence.

Missional Living: Living out the peace of Christ among those who do not yet follow him in order to earn the privilege of sharing him with others.

Teamwork: Sharing the load, communicating, and working together to achieve our common goal.

Grace: Naturally erring on the side of grace. This speaks of both a positive outlook and “lightness of being” as well as an aversion to legalism and external standards of spirituality.

Lifelong Learner: Always learning, always reading…to grow in your area of ministry and as a person, to be thoughtful in all our ways. No pat answers or easy formulas; wisdom and thoughtfulness is our manner.

Spiritual and Biblical formation: Committing to being transformed into the likeness of Jesus through submission and obedience to Scripture and through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.


Our ideal candidate will provide the overall leadership and vision for our middle school and high school ministries, which will include:

  • A strategy for reaching and engaging students in our community.
  • A philosophy of discipleship to equip and help our students grow in spiritual maturity.
  • A development plan for encouraging and equipping those who serve as part of the student ministries team.
  • The ability to help equip and encourage parents.
  • A clear understanding of youth culture and the ability to apply biblical truths to issues and challenges that the next generation are currently facing.

In addition to these core competencies, we are seeking an exceptional person that has unique strengths to bring to the team. Examples of these unique strengths could include:

  • A strategist who seeks to develop a discipleship plan for all of the next generation, from birth through high school.
  • A mobilizer who can create a movement that reaches and impacts college and young adults in our community.
  • An evangelist that has a primary gifting and passion of reaching those far from Christ and equipping others to do the same.
  • A shepherd that is skilled in counseling and navigating special challenges that kids and families face.

A candidate for this position must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, with a graduate seminary degree preferred.

If you believe this description fits your experience and abilities, please send a cover letter explaining why along with your resume via email to Ty Waardenburg, Senior Associate Pastor, at


Congregation Size: 
250 - 500

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Ty Waardenburg
9225 Johnnycake Ridge Road


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How to Apply: 
Please send resume and coverletter to Ty Waardenburg, Senior Associate Pastor at