Pastor - Lead Teaching Elder

Bethel Baptist Church
Parchment, Michigan

Job Title:         Pastor/Lead Teaching Elder
Reports to:         The Elders
Position Status:     Full Time


The role of the Pastor/Lead Teaching Elder is to assist the Elders in overseeing the life and direction of the church. The Pastor will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values, and strategy of the church, and the ability to align church leadership teams with its mission. The Pastor will offer pastoral leadership to the congregation alongside other church leaders. Along with the Elders, the pastor will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities.

Position Responsibilities  

  • Be the lead teaching-elder responsible for the conduct of worship services in both Spanish and English.

  • Provide counseling as needed
  • Oversee and provide direction, as needed, for the effective functioning of the church office

  • Be actively involved in personal evangelism and in inspiring and leading the church in this work

  • Conduct marriages and funerals as requested

  • In concert with the other Elders:

    • Direct and renew the vision and focus of the church

    • Provide leadership in planning and executing other programs involving education and discipleship

    • Oversee administration of the church

    • Oversee the pastoral care needs of the congregation and, as necessary, share with others in hospital visitation, and home visits

    • Exercise church discipline, as needed


Required Qualifications

You are a man who:

  • Loves the Lord Jesus Christ with every fiber of your being; a man whose whole life is dedicated to faithfully glorifying Him.

  • Meets the requirements of an Elder based on the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

  • Is fluent in Spanish and English in order to to lead our multiethnic, bilingual, medium-sized church.

  • Leads by example (i.e., a man whose life exemplifies the Christ-like qualities that are to be developed in the congregation)

  • Has gifts and passion to serve as an under-shepherd of the Great Shepherd by equipping and assisting His flock to be faithful and unified members of Christ’s Body.

  • Excels at studying, expository preaching, and teaching the Word of God.

  • Believes that the local church flourishes best when led by a plurality of Elders.

  • Is committed to the Doctrines of Grace (e.g.,  Sola Scriptura, Sola Cristo, Sola Gracia, Sola Fide)

  • Adheres to the practice of believer’s baptism by immersion

  • Has experience in pastoral ministry or a related ministry field


Desired Qualifications

  • Five or more years in pastoral ministry or related ministry field

  • Formal educational training in biblical studies

  • Experience/training in nouthetic counseling


Congregation Size: 
100 - 250
(269) 381-2080

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Sherry Back
5701 Mt. Olivet Rd,


How to Apply: 
All Interested parties should send resume to Bethel Baptist Church 5701 Mt. Olivet Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49004