Pastor (Part Time/Bi-Vocational)

First Congregational Church of New Haven, MI

Who we are:

  • We are a Congregational church with an Elder board and we govern the church through unanimous consent
  • Our Elder board is composed of both men and women. We also have a diaconate that oversee specific ministry tasks. As a Congregational church, these officers are elected by our local body of members.
  • We recently have rewritten our constitution, and have been under the extended guidance of an experienced interim pastor. We are now looking for our new resident pastor.
  • We are a member of the CCCC, a conservative denomination believing in the inerrancy of scripture.
  • Our elders do consist of men and women
  • We practice Credo-Baptism, but will recognize those who do not wish to be rebaptized but have been baptized in a different church tradition.
  • We are a small church with a desire to build on our heritage and become wide (in numbers) and deep (spiritually). As the church grows so also will the salary package of the church.

As a Church:

  • Our number 1 job is to make disciples
  • We have two laws: Love God and Love Neighbor
  • We want to see heads hearts and hands transformed by the word of God that we may transform others and our world.
  • We regularly talk about three important pieces of theology: God is good all the time; God is omniscient, he is too wise to lead us astray; God is sovereign, he is too strong to fail
  • We have five arenas of service: Worship, Service, Evangelism, Discipling and Community.

Therefore, we expect that our new resident pastor will:

Preach expository sermons that inform and appeal

Use of presentation software and video

Engage in parish ministry by being a servant/priest/minister to our village as well as our church

This includes managing/overseeing our marquee and our social media presence

Lead Bible studies that build disciples and community

Engage in Hospital visitation

Shut in visitation on a monthly basis to share the Lord’s Supper

Shall oversee the advancement of the Christian program and train up new leadership for it

Shall oversee the implementation of worship services in coordination with our worship leader

Solid experience or training in the use of computers, especially Macintosh is very helpful

This is a part time (1/2 time) position with a parsonage and compensation. 



Congregation Size: 
Under 100

Employment Type:

Job Type:

Contact Name: 
Search Committee
58801 Main St
New Haven



Base Salary:

Other Information: 
Parsonage included
How to Apply: 
Send Email to listed address