Senior pastor

Lakefield Baptist Church is a rural church in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We are currently a small congregation (50-70 people) but we are praying for God's man to lead our fellowship as we seek to grow and reach our community for Jesus Christ.  Our facilities include: parsonage, church building and a large gym with attached fellowship hall.  We also have an extensive picnic area with frontage on a local lake that is attached to the main church property.


Congregation Size: 
Under 100

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Debbie Whitmer
24230 Co Rd 98


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Salary to be determined and negotiated with board of Deacons and Trustees. Job description: 1. The shepherd of the flock 2. The superintendent of the working force 3. The preacher for the congregation 4. The teacher of a Christian body of learners 5. The presiding officer of the board of deacons 6. The presiding officer of the Church business meetings except when the pastoral office is involved. 7. The ex-officio member (co-equal with the chairman) of all boards and committees.
How to Apply: 
Send your resume via mail to the above address or send by email to