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We are a small congregation of 6 to 15 elderly people living at a government subsidized low income apartment building.  We are looking for a person to conduct a regular church worship service for us each Sunday at 2 PM. we have a room reserved for only that time until 3 pm. We would like a service that begins with the singing of hymns,  prayer, a sermon/sermonette,  and the closing with an appropriate song. we take a free will offering which  goes to the preacher. we would prefer to have the same person each week. Questions?  Please contact Theresa Smitter at 616-538-7328 


Congregation Size: 
Under 100

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Contact Name: 
Theresa Smitter
850 36th Street SW


Other Information: 
This is Ken Kruisenga. I’m doing this on behalf of the folks there. I have a group called the Joyful Sound Singers. We do hymnsings at PineOaks on a rotational basis every 6 weeks on a Saturday afternoon. They asked me to seek for a person to lead their Sunday Worship at 2pm each Sunday. They started this service five years ago and the person who was leading them has received a call and now they are without a pastor / leader. If you need me my phone number is(616) 308-8464. Thanks much!
How to Apply: 
Contact Theresa Smitter. 616-538-7328